What Government Can Really Do To Help Malays

If the government remove special benefits of the Malays, will you survive?
Seriously, what would you do?

Going on a strike?

That would be the most appropriate thing to do right? Because we need to demand the government to give what supposed to be ours.


Well, some people say that Malays can’t survive if the government doesn’t protect the Malays as if the Malays are inferior compared to other races.
I don’t think that’s the truth. I believe that if Malays are doing the best, they can be as good as the other races. Yes, Malays are not that weak.

But the mentalities are.

The mentalities of the Malays are usually like this: the government will help them. The government will provide this incentive, that subsidies, to the Malays. And to the others too. But usually, after they talk about the Malays.
It’s not that I have anything against the government but, these incentives are like slow drugs… making many Malays to be extremely dependent to what government provides.

This is counterproductive to the aspiration of getting Malay to be on par with other races (primarily Chinese) in Malaysia. Let’s talk about human nature.

The nature of human

To achieve a goal in life, human usually needs to be sufficiently competitive in order to win. If they are not competitive enough, they will not win against others. When the government is providing so many incentives, Malays are back to state of complacency which will make them to be contented to be at the level they are right now.

They lack of motivation to survive because they believe the government will help them.

Unfortunately, that is false hope.

You, if you are a Malay, you have to realize that the government does not have unlimited amount of money. They can print money, but they can’t do this all the time. When there is too much money in the market, the value of each will be reduced. Your money will buy fewer things and you’ll notice the price of things start to get higher.

You have to realize that in order to strive in this globalization era, we must go beyond what we are comfortable. We must start learning about the money, investment and being really competitive while maintaining our grace.

In education, we should not contend to be second. No, we must strive to be no. 1 in everything. Even if we can’t get the no. 1, at least we know that we tried. And at least we can say that we did our best. And somehow, when we put in effort in something, it will show. Scores improved, intelligence increased, and people will see Malay as competitive race as a whole.

(This article will be updated from time to time to reflect my evolving thinking)

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